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September 2017



2.            We shall overcome this billing crisis

3.            A new approach to “homeless” people?

4.            Dunkeld West ‘death corner’ update

5.            Town planning applications received



A new Facebook page for Ward 90 has been started.

It's called Ward 90 Johannesburg

You can keep up to date by copying this link and pasting it in your browser’s url:  SLOT  Fb.me/Ward90Jhb

2. We shall overcome this billing crisis

Complaints about water and electricity cuts, with or without pre-termination notices, continue to pour in.

Your patience is running out, understandably, especially if you are a conscientious payer. You expect better.  You deserve better.

Please try to understand what is happening, and be assured that Mayor Herman Mashaba and his team will get on top of it. Three key words are pertinent: sabotage, corruption, and politics.

Generally I try to avoid politics in this newsletter. However, there is a political backdrop.  Implicated parties are desperate to stop the fight against corruption.  Huge scams have been uncovered, with more disclosures on the way.

Guilty people want to discredit the City’s government. Hence motions of no-confidence, and deliberate sabotage of strategic areas including revenue, where a large number of people have been suspended and/or arrested.

The situation is manageable and under control. In fact revenue collection increased. You can read detail of the financial background here. https://twitter . com/rabelani_dagada?lang=en

Please keep the faith. Understand what is stake here.  In many cases, you are being deliberately inconvenienced in order to make the governing coalition look bad. Hang in there. Councillors and officials will sort this out.

3. A new approach to “homeless” people

In a Daily Maverick/Groundup article, Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Safety, Security and Social Services JP Smith admits that the law enforcement approach has not succeeded.

Smith says the city will continue to enforce its by-laws, but such a strategy has proven itself a “lost cause” as a long-term solution to the problem, leaving social development as the only viable strategy.

GroundUp: Cape Town to be more accommodating towards homeless people

4. Dunkeld West ‘death corner’ update

Some relief is in sight for motorists concerned about the so-called “death corner” at the intersection of Kent Road and Northumberland Avenue, Dunkeld West.

A new speed hump will be installed in Kent Road, following much engagement with the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) following a spate of accidents at the intersection.

In recent months, additional stop signs have been erected in Kent Rd, a further crash barrier has been installed and the existing speed humps on Northumberland  have been enhanced, yet accidents continued.

Responding to complaints from the community, the JRA commissioned traffic survey.

Owen Whelan, JRA Road Safety Technician, said “the traffic survey results clearly indicate that a change to the intersection of Kent and Northumberland roads in terms of installing a multi-way stop, a traffic circle or signalizing this intersection is unwarranted”.

Instead, Whelan said, his earlier recommendations for upgrading of the existing traffic calming humps on Northumberland Avenue would be prioritized, along with a new speed hump in Kent.

Whelan added the new speed hump in Kent would be installed “budget permitting”.

If budget is a problem, the local community has indicated willingness to contribute. We are awaiting confirmation from the JRA on the costs involved.

LANCASTER CORNER to be surveyed.

In a further development, Whelan confirmed that a traffic survey had been commissioned for the corner of Lancaster and Clarence Avenues in Craighall Park. This was in response to  a petition calling for a four-way stop at the busy intersection.

5. Town planning applications received

The following town planning applications have been received from the office of the Executive Director, Development Planning, City of Johannesburg.

Please note there is a time limit for comments.

To verify the period allocated for comment on the application(s) please contact the planning department (address below).

If you need further information, please visit the property, where you may want to establish whether the town planning notice is still affixed to the boundary.

Ask for acknowledgement of receipt of your submission.

Comments to:

Phone 0114076142)


Physical address: Registration Department (Planning), Room 8100, Metro Centre, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein.

Town Planning Applications, as received

•             Erf 5 Hyde Park (95 Sixth Road).  Intent of the application is rezoning from Residential 2 (13  dwelling units on the erf) subject to certain conditions, to Residential 4 subject to certain conditions  or Business 4 permitting offices, places of refreshment & private parking  structures.

“The effect of the application will permit the development of an apartment building or offices. Individual dwelling units will be disposed of by way of sectional title”.

•             Erven 150, 151 152 & 153 Glenadrienne.  (Adjacent to and to the West of Minerva Avenue, Glenadrienne).  Intent of the application is consolidation and subdivision of the erven.  A group of developers has purchased most of the properties within the Western part of the Glenadrienne precinct. A revised precinct plan has been approved, allowing for higher densities on erven 150 to 153. Sections of these erven are affected by the 1:100-year flood-line. The proposal takes into accounts these matters, plus servitudes, services, access and traffic generation, and environmental concerns.

•             See diagram labelled Minerva



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