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Have your say on land use changes

It is your right to participate in decisions about local government. 

People are often too preoccupied to bother. However, here is one instance where you should pay attention as it affects where Johannesburg residents (YOU) live, work and play.

At the end of last month, the City Council granted permission “to advertise for the purposes of public consultation the Draft Land Use Scheme”. 

Guided by the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act of 2103, the DRAFT pulls together legislation and 13 previous planning schemes into a single land use scheme for the entire area under City of Johannesburg’s jurisdiction.

The DRAFT, drawn up by the City’s Development Planning Department, is not a party-political document, even if it has political implications.

A 71-page PDF of the DRAFT is attached.  

It is recommended that you read the entire document. Points of interest include:

*Building lines and building restriction areas (along street boundaries only – no side or rear spaces): Clause 33

*Subsidiary dwelling unit (maximum two?): Clause 21

*Spaza shops in residential areas: Clause 14 (13)  a to i

Public participation will last for two months.  Public comments will be taken into consideration before the final draft is forwarded to the Council for approval. 
Once the Land Use Scheme has been adopted, and before it is put into  practice, there will be public workshops and consultations with all affected parties.

Comments to: dylanw@joburg.org.za, cc martcw7@gmail.co



  1. Take NODE
  2. JBEGS your pardon
  3. Wheelie bin policy update
  5. Who to contact
  6. Join the DA?

1. Take NODE

Take Node, just 
 up your street 

The City is reviewing its metropolitan, regional, district, neighbourhood and transit-oriented nodes

Have your say.

This review is prescribed by the recently adopted Spatial Development Framework , SDF 2040

Nodes are areas where increased densities and land use mixes are promoted by the City (a mix of housing and commercial buildings).

The objective is to develop nodes that are compact, walkable, liveable, mixed-use and mixed-income areas and centres.

They should be areas where people can live, work and play and have good access to public transit. 

As a first step in the public participation process, the city last year requested innovative proposals.

It’s your turn next.


A timetable for public participation is attached. As yet, there is no venue given for our region (B). Date July 25. Time 8:30 to 12 noon.

To find out more, or to RSVP, please contact Dylan Weakley ondylanw@joburg.org.za or 011 407 6965 




2. JBEGS your pardon


Johannesburg Built Environment Guidelines and Standards (JBEGS)

The City has provided a reference manual for guidelines and standards in the building environment.   

The aim is a fluid document to be revised annually. Ongoing discussion is encouraged.

This live document will be updated and edited from time to time.

Comments and recommendations for the 2017/18 review are welcome. Please send to Stefan van Niekerk - Department of Development Planning Office, stefanv@joburg.org.za.

The document is attached, and available via Google Drive here.


3. Wheelie bin policy update 

Wheelie bin policy update


Pikitup’s new bin replacement policy took effect from July 1.

1) Your first bin is free of charge. Apply to Pikitup.

2) Want more bins? Pay R421.80 (R370 plus VAT) per bin.

3) If  bin has been stolen or lost, you can get one free bin replacement every eight years, starting from 1 July 2017. After that, pay R421.80 per bin. 

4) If your bin is broken or damaged, you get a free bin, if you return the old bin.

How to get a bin

Call  COJ  011-3755555 for a reference number. Have your account number ready.

Bin stolen? Report this to nearest police station. Get a case number before calling COJ 011-3755555.

To pay for the bin(s), go to Regional Walk-In Centre (Corner Jan Smuts Ave and Bram Fischer Dr) with the reference number, a copy of your municipal bill and cash.

If bin not delivered within a week, send me (martcw7@gmail.com) your name, cell number, address, ref number. Please attach a copy of  receipt if you have paid for a bin.



Get a reference number

The escalation process from when the customer first logs a query: 

·         Log your municipal related query via the call centre (0860 562 874), regional Customer Service Centre, Randburg municipal office, Corner Jan Smuts and Bram Fischer, and *get a Reference Number* 

·         Queries should be resolved within 30 days. If you have not received any resolution or response, please follow the next step in escalation process 

·         Escalate your query to the regional manager if your query is still not resolved after 30 days. 
       Region B (that’s us), Thulisile Nongogo, 
thulisileno@joburg.org.za;011 787 7483/084 324 5689 Randburg municipal office, Corner Jan Smuts and Bram Fischer. 
·         If there is still no response after the query has been escalated to the regional manager, speak to the deputy director. 
Arthur Mbobo, Deputy Director – Thuso House, 4TH Floor, 61 Jorissen St,0116284084083 466 5651
 If a customer is still unhappy with the resolution they received from the City, they can contact the City’s Ombudsman office.

www     .     joburgombudsman     .     org     .     za
087 980 0058
ombudsman     .     org     .     za
36 Boundary Road, Houghton Estate
Open: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-1pm,  closed on Sun and public holdays

When emailing, please state: 
Acct # 
Ref # (older than 30 days) 
Short description of problem 
No attachments and no long email chains.

5. Who to contact

Joburg Water

Email: customerservice@jwater.co.za
City Power
Log using your mobile device: http://citypower      .      mobi
Joburg Roads Agency
Send email to  hotline@jra.org.za or if urgent Call 0860JOBURG - Option 5
City Parks
Call 0860JOBURG – Option 0 and then if possible send email to jcp@jhbcityparks.com with details 
Billing Queries
Visit Randburg Office of the billing department at Jan Smuts corner Bram Fischer Drive in Randburg.
All other City of Joburg queries
Call 0860JOBURG or visit www      .      joburg      .      org      .      za

Please see the attachment lookandlog  .  co  .  za




Important Contacts

BEAGLE CONTROL ROOM: 011 678 1972 www.beaglewatch.co.za
HGC Committee: info@hurlingham.org.za security@hurlingham.org.za environment@hurlingham.org.za membership@hurlingham.org.za statements@hurlingham.org.za
Flying Squad: 10 111
Randburg SAPS vehicles: 071 675 7115 / 6
Ambulance: City: 011 375 5911
ER24: 084 124
Netcare 911: 082 911
Randburg Police: 011 449 9115 / 9110 / 9117 10111 for an emergency
Joburg Metro Police: ​011 375 5911
Ward Councillor: 083 459 6152 Martin Williams martcw7@gmail.com
Joburg call centre: 0860-JOBURG
Includes City Parks and Pikitup
See Community Info --> Overview section for a full list of numbers
Water Issues: Joburg Water

011 375 5555
Electricity Issues: http://​www.citypower.co.za ​and click "Fault Reporting" or on mobile http://citypower.mobi
Road Issues: ​hotline@jra.org.za
Environmental Contraventions: 011 587 4232 1st point of contact for any issues arising from the Health Act (noise, restaurants, unsanitary backyards etc) abednigot@joburg.org.za
Pollution: 011 226 8328 WisemanN@joburg.org.za
Revenue Queries: ​011 375 5555
Traffic Signs and Markings: Jurie Swart JRA - Assistant Manager, Traffic Signs and Markings section for Region B jswart@jra.org.za
Region B Contacts and Information: http://hurlingham.alpha.structureit.net/media/48375/Region-B.pdf
Building regulations: 011 407 6111
Eskom: 086 003 7566