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Dear Residents and Stakeholders

2017 has finally arrived!
However, let’s not forget 2016 just yet.

To run a ward requires constant attention and oversight to ensure delivery of services. A Ward is like a puzzle, every piece an important one. Thank you to the following for assisting during 2016

  • Residents Associations, street committees, individual residents doing their bit to improve their suburb or street.
  • The Ward Committee of Ward 102.
  • The many City Officials who take pride in their work, for a better Joburg.
  • The SAPS serving the Ward being Linden SAPS and Randburg SAPS.
  • The Randburg Central Improvement District (CID) for doing their best to keep Randburg tidy and secure.
  • The Randburg Sun and Sandton Chronicle for keeping communities updated about issues affecting the residents of the Ward.

2016 was a momentous year in the City of Johannesburg with the DA taking control of the City. This was and is no easy feat, a challenge that will exist for many months and years to come. As you may know, the DA was voted by a majority of Councillors to run a coalition government on the 23rd of August 2016. 

Many will say well, you have been in power for around 132 days, why are we not seeing any difference? Well, to put it bluntly, the DA has inherited a mess in terms of processes, wasteful expenditure, lack of service delivery and major corruption. You name it, the Executive has had to deal with it. Further to this an ANC aligned budget, way of thinking and staff morale has also been inherited. All this will take time to change. To say that no change has been achieved would be wrong. You only need to read the Mayor’s 100-day speech to get an inkling as to the change!

The current Council operates on an ANC aligned budget until 1 July 2017, with a minor adjustment budget allowed to be passed in a full Council sitting, by the end of February 2017.

Ward 102 is somewhat unique in that it has a number of functions operating from it including 2 taxi ranks, the largest sports complex in the City, one of the largest “all in one” municipal offices including an account query centre, a license renewal office, a learners license testing centre, a health clinic, a library, the South African Revenue Services office, as well as the Randburg CBD. 

In 2016

  • The JRA has started the securing of the embankments of William Nicol near to Peter Place including installing more storm water drain inlets.
  • A few roads were resurfaced in Blairgowrie and Bryanston.
  • The mammoth bridge in the Randburg CBD at the corner of Jan Smuts and Bram Fischer Drive was removed.
  • The Randburg Hill Street upgrade was completed to include new paving, lights, street furniture, bollards and the like.
  • The City and the Hurlingham Manor Residents Association came to an agreement that the City would reinstate the road closure they had removed as the City had not followed due process as required by the policy, however noting that the HMRA road closure was not in full compliance with the policy and approvals given by the City.
  • A few public meetings around the widening of Conrad Drive Bridge were held as required as part of the bridge widening project.
  • Blairgowrie pool was emptied, fixed thoroughly (after much chasing) and recently refilled & opened to the delight of many public pool users.
  • Many, probably thousands of day to day basic service delivery defects and queries were received, escalated with many being resolved.

Whilst much has been achieved, there is still much to be done.
I am acutely aware of some basic service delivery issues not being addressed adequately such as grass cutting in parks and along main arterial roads, the reinstatement of tar and curbing, tree pruning and much else.

Each service delivery issue raised is escalated where necessary and appropriate. Please continue to remember 2 things: We are still in an ANC aligned budget period (until 1 July 2017) and we still have some officials that struggle with the new administrative motto of “Service with Pride”, (we also have MANY amazing officials who do their best to deliver in difficult circumstances). It will take time, we will all just need to be a little patient, however difficult that may be.

For Ward 102, many issues were on the radar of the City however such was under the previous administration. I am hopeful that with a new administration, new thinking and new energy, more will be achieved in the medium to long term.

Top of mind issues that will need to receive attention include, but are not limited to

  • City Parks needs to take cognizance of the Krom Road Park in Bryanston and make it a developed park which will increase the maintenance and grass cutting. In the same park storm water issues exist which JRA needs to address.
  • Conrad Drive in Blairgowrie has continued riverbank erosion (North side of the bridge towards Bordeaux).
  • Urgent need for power pylon stabilisation assessment just off Wendy Road in Craighall Park.
  • Illegal use of private property in mostly Blairgowrie, Bordeaux and Ferndale.
  • An influx of displaced persons along the Ferndale & Braamfontein spruit and others, requiring the City to take urgent action and provide homeless shelters, development programmes and the like.
  • Continued oversight of JRA with regards to the upgrade of the Conrad Drive, Blairgowrie bridge project.
  • Getting COJ Transport, JRA and JMPD to enforce the illegal hoarding of taxi’s along Bordeaux Drive, Bordeaux.
  • Installation of replacement jungle gym equipment in Shelly Park, Willowild.
  • Continued championing for the installation of a permanent speed camera along Conrad Drive, Blairgowrie.
  • Development or ongoing maintenance of a piece of land in Lyme Park which is owned by Gauteng Department of Education.
  • Ongoing surveillance by the City’s Health Department of properties along Bram Fischer which may be letting pollutants into the waterway through St Stithians College.
  • Installation of street lights in Hurlingham Manor and along Peter Place.
  • Constant monitoring that Randburg Civic offices provide good service (Revenue, licensing, clinic and library).
  • Continued escalation for attention by the City:
    • Island maintenance of weeds and stones
    • Pothole repairs
    • Road reinstatement repairs
    • Street light repairs
    • Displaced persons
    • Installation of adequate locking mechanisms at substations
    • Public park maintenance
    • Tree pruning
    • Illegal land use
    • etc

In closing, I would like to encourage every resident to continue to Look and Log any issue they see and if such issue(s) are not resolved in a reasonable time, then escalate such to the relevant Ward Councillor, in an appropriate manner. Taking into account the above, hurling written abuse and making threatening phone calls will not help assist in making Johannesburg work.

If you feel that you need to escalate issues to the City Executive, you are welcome too. The Executive Mayors Office can be contacted by emailExecutiveMayor@joburg.org.za

Wishing you a productive 2017!


David Potter
Ward Councillor
City of Johannesburg, Ward 102
david@oursuburb.co.za | 0828859688 | @DavidCOJ102

Ward website: www.ward102.co.za

Link to City Mayor, Herman Mashaba’s 100 day speech:  http://www.joburg.org.za/images/stories/2016/nov/pdf/Mayors%20100%20Days%20Speech%20Extract.pdf

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