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Councillor Anthony Still - March 2016

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Hi to residents of Ward 90 .. two short matters. 

In my last newsletter I mentioned that I was trying to secure a meeting with City Power officials. I am happy to say that today I received final confirmation from the MMC (Member Mayoral Committee) Infrastructure Services that City Power officials can attend this meeting. So, it will take place. Details:

  • Wed 16 March (tomorrow) at 18h00
  • Craighall Primary School Hall

The purpose is to engage with the City Power officials, to hear their views about the unusual number of outages and their ability to ameliorate same, and to ask questions. The second half of the meeting will be conducted without CP officials and will allow residents to discuss the matters amongst themselves. Parktown North and Parkhurst RAs will also be there. This initiative originally started from the frustrations of mainly the Craighall and Craighall Park residents, but anyone is welcome. 

Pikitup strike: I can give you no inside information as to when this may end. Samwu is militant and has been a protected union, and now is a good time to strike given the upcoming elections. The overt issues are pay levels (which are already well above any industry norm) and dissatisfaction with their MD. The Red Ants are doing some work in the CBD, and there have been some random collections at night. Pikitup management is unable to disclose details of any of these schedules for fear of intimidation. So, you can leave your bins out in hope, or wait for official news. Further, anyone is welcome to take waste, as long as it is bagged, to a garden site.  

Regards .. 

Anthony Still
082 820 8342

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