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Follow this link for a useful definition of different crimes used to compile national crime statistics.  
Please note:  
Some suspicious incidents below are included for educational and information value to enable residents to understand trends and modus operandi and are not therefore listed as a direct criminal activity with a case number.
9 August 2017
House robbery: St Andrews
Criminals gained access to an unoccupied home. Neighbour fired shots and alerted security. The perpetrators fled with some valuables. The perpetrators were driving in a Black X5 BMW
21 June 2017
Follow home robbery: Waterfall
Resident followed home by three suspects in red VW hatchback. Suspects were all armed with handguns and wearing floppy hats with faces covered and wearing gloves.They ransacked house and fled with valuables, cellphones, jewellery and cash.

9 June 2017

House robbery: St Andrews

Five perpetrators gained access to a house using crowbar. Housekeeper forced to indicate where valuables were kept then locked in a room. She escaped through a window and ran to alert neighbours who phoned it in. Perpetrators escaped in White Lexus SUV Reg No.CP 40 PL GP which are false plates.

17 May 2017
Driveway Robbery:St Andrews
Owner followed home from PnP on Nicol. Suspects car blocked gate and three suspects confronted resident at the front door. They took phone, jewellery and bag. She asked for wallet as it had drivers license which was handed back.

29 April 2017

Follow home incident: Arbroath

Son of residents in Arbroath Ave were followed in by Hyundai SUV IX35. The family was held up for approx. 30 minutes. Electronic appliances, cellphones, and jewellery were taken.

29 March 2017
A blue Hyundai gained entry into a family home in Stafford Road as a contractor was leaving the premises and the gate was open.  Three perpetrators attempted an armed house robbery, but after a struggle ensued, the suspects fled after hearing a very loud alarm which was triggered.  Despite a very traumatic few minutes that followed which involved three young children and their parents, only minor physical injuries were sustained.  
22 February 2017
Armed suspects attempted to gain access to a property in St Andrews.  they were later captured by police after a shoot out on Grayston Drive.  

17 February 2017
Assault of a homeless person - Cnr St Andrews and Arbroath
A displaced person was found after being badly beaten up. Emergency medical services were called and he was taken to Alex Clinic.  
3 February 2017
Burglary - St Andrews
Perpetrators jumped over a wall and gained access by forced entry.  They stole a tablet and two laptops.  
Burglary - Stirling
Perpetrators jumped over a wall and gained access by forced entry.  They stole a tablet which was later recovered. 
27 January 2017
Burglary - Balmoral
Perpetrators gained access to a property and stole smalls and a computer.  
20 December 2016
Burglary - Arbroath
A window was forced open in a house in Arbroath and a Playstation stolen.  The panic button was activated and SAPS dispatched.  
Burglary - Maxwell MacDonald
Suspects entered a property in Maxwell MacDonald through an open window and money was stolen.  
23 November 2016
Burglary - Balmoral
According to CSS, it appears that the perpetrators came through an empty house on Hamilton, then through the neighbouring property which is currently being renovated and then over the wall into the Balmoral property through a broken electric fence. Accidentally, the homeowner left a small, high window open.The owner had not armed their security system. Electronic equipment was stolen.  
Burglary - Cawdor
It is possible that the perpetrators came via a property in Balmoral. They then gained access to the property by forcing the windows open. The owner had not armed their security system. A laptop and camera were stolen. 


18 November 2016

Unoccupied house vandalised - Stafford

Perpetrators gained access to an unoccupied house through the roof and stole the copper pipes and geyser.  The broke up all the sanitaryware in an attempt to get to the copper piping.  They must have been disturbed as they were in the process of removing the oven. This caused water leakage and flood damage to the property. It is suspected that this is an organised gang which preys on unoccupied properties.  


4 November 2016

Perpetrators pose as courier company, fail to gain access, arrested - Maxwell Macdonald

This morning saw two attempted efforts by three males in a white car to gain access to two separate properties in Maxwell Macdonald Street.  Fortunately, due to the levelheadedness of the housekeeper and the homeowner's son, the would-be perpetrators fled the scene. No harm done.  In the second incident, the would-be perpetrators posed as a courier company, however they were unable to answer the simple questions posed by that homeowner so they failed to gain accewss.  Then by combining information taken by the residents and the CSS camera footage - we are delighted to let you know that two suspects have been detained.  


20 October 2016
Cat burglars on the loose again - Cawdor and Carlisle
Intruders gained access to a property on Cawdor and broke into a cottage in the early hours of the morning.  They then accessed 2-4 properties on Carlisle Ave. A ladder was found propped up against the wall of one property in Carlisle.  A security camera facing the entrance gate of another property on Carlisle was intentionally damaged.  
11 October 2016
House burglaries - Cawdor and Arbroath
Two houses were broken into in the early hours of the morning.  One in the upper end of Cawdor and the other in Arbroath.  It is believed that burglars are jumping fences between properties to gain access. Beams and alarm were on, but were not triggered in the one house.  Laptops were stolen, no one was harmed. 
20 September 2016
House burglary - Waterfall Ave
A house was burgled in the early hours of the morning while the residents were sleeping, valuables were taken.  Electric fence and beams were on.  
16 September 2016 
Vehicle theft - Balmoral Avenue
A white Polo motor vehicle was stolen on Balmoral Avenue.

6 September 2016 
House break in and theft - Maxwell McDonald Street
Valuables were stolen from a home at Maxwell McDonald Street.  
4 September 2016
Vehicle theft - Balmoral Avenue
A black Polo was stolen from outside the house at approximately 17:00.
2 September 2016
Cable Theft - Balmoral Avenue
Electrical caballing was stolen from a building site on Balmoral Avenue notwithstanding that there was a person sleeping on site to intercept theft.
13 August 2016
House robbery -  Stafford Avenue
The perpetrators travelling along the spruit jumped over an electric fence and stole a laptop through an open window.
3 August 2016
House robbery - Maxwell MacDonald Avenue
A geyser was stolen from a house that is currently being renovated.  The new landlord said that it appeared that the person who stole the geyser knew the layout of the house and in particular the electrical installation of the house.
20 June 2016
Damage to pedestrian gate - Waterfall Avenue
A pedestrian gate lock was damaged on Waterfall Avenue.
18 April 2016
House Breakin and Theft - Maxwell MacDonald Avenue
The house was entered into by breaking a window.  Only jewellry suspected to have been stolen.  A suspicious blue Hyundai was seen parked on the road and may have been involved.
3 March 2016
Follow Home Armed Robbery - Carlisle Avenue
A resident returning home was brazenly followed into driveway by a vehicle with armed males. They bashed their vehicle through the automated gates directly behind the resident as she entered her driveway. One male, wearing balaclava, jumped out and remained hidden at the driveway gate as a lookout. The vehicle with remaining men proceeded to follow resident's vehicle up to the house and garage where they jumped out and threatened resident at gunpoint. One male proceeded to pull rings off resident's fingers by means of his teeth. They were disturbed by the alarm, took the resident's handbag, keys with remotes drove back out, manually forcing, and bashing the gates open with their vehicle. Celphone and vehicle were found later in different places. Resident is convinced that her vehicle had not been followed but may have been at the last moment, seen as an "opportunist" situation. It is also likely that as there was a young child in the vehicle, it may have been viewed as a soft target.

10 February 2016
Armed Robbery and Vehicle Theft - St Andrews Road
A resident returning home was confronted by two males after he had driven his vehicle into the property and parked. Victim and family were tied up at gunpoint inside the house. House was ransacked and items where taken including some cash, foreign coins, laptop and TV. The perpetrators left in resident's vehicle which was later recovered in Alexandra. No-one was injured.
30 January 2016
Armed Robbery - St Andrews Road
Armed robbers gained access to a property via unknown means as no visible entry was found.  A family member was held at gunpoint on the outside of the house while another member inside was forced to hand over items including keys, gate remotes and personal jewellery through the security door. The thieves then exited the property.
16 January 2016
Hold up on the Corner of William Nichol and Sandton Drive
Young women in their vehicle, awaiting for the robots to change at the intersection, were approached and held up at gunpoint at approximately 20h00.  The thief took bags, phones and car keys. No-one was harmed, but the occupants were shaken up.  
31 February - Spruit
Armed Robbery - Generator
Armed robbers held at gunpoint and tied up the members of he Eskom encampment at the Braamfontein Spruit. One off the items stolen was the camp generator. Please be aware that these types of items are now highly desirable as theft items.
23 January 2016
On Wednesday this week, a dark blue Chevrolet followed a resident from Pick n Pay on Wm Nicol to their home in Hurlingham Manor, where two armed males stole rings and bags. 
A similar incident occurred in Parkmore this week but no details available. Please warn you residents to be particularly alert when coming from either the above Pick n Pay, Hyde Park or Fournos in Dunkeld, these seem to be the locations where victims are “spotted”.  Residents should always check their mirrors and be alert to this common crime in our area. If in doubt don’t stop and call the security company to “meet and greet” also get people to have the SAPS Sector Vehicle numbers on their phone.
Blue Chev
28 November 2015
Arrest - smash and grab - Crn St Andrews and William Nichol (not strictly HGC area)
After winessing a smash and grab incident, one of the CSS patrol vehicles called in for backup. 5 Attackers were observed executing a smash and grab, and after an extensive search of the area, three suspects were arreste for the incident - one in a tree.
21 November 2015
Armed Robbery - Maxwell MacDonald
Time: 18h30

3 armed males removed the the driveway gate and entered the open front door. One armed male made the owner lie down on the floor while another held the rest of the family a gunpoint. The 3rd intruder moved through the house to ensure nobody else was there.  They were disturbed by another household member who had been in her room and who managed to block the doorway with a fridge. Intruders left and were collected in a white Ford Kuga.

20 November 2015
Hit and run vehicle collision - Carlisle Avenue

A private vehicle parked overnight on the street was collided into by an unknown vehicle. The perpetrator did not leave any contact details at the scene and fled.  The suspects were reportedly found later the following day in the vicinty of the William Nicol Drive.

17 November 2015
Attempted follow home - Arbroath Rd
Resident was followed home by a white Audi from a shopping centre.  Guards at a private security point were asked not to allow the car entry but the vehicle gained entry despite. On realising that they were behind, resident reversed quickly out of the driveway in time to avoid an incident. The private security point were not able to prevent the white vehicle from leaving despite the request from the resident to do so.
11 November 2015
Breakin - Iona Road
A breakin occurred at a property where the electric fence was out of order due to members of a service delivery group which had allegedly damaged it. 
18 October 2015 
Theft - Maxwell MacDonald Avenue
On a property being renovated, a young man from the building company was residing and acting as security on the property which is otherwise unoccupied.
He heard footsteps around 22h00 so went and hid away. The intruders entered the house and went into the garage where the security was sleeping and took two cell phones but nothing else. It has been reported to our Randburg Police and they have opened a case.
15 October 2015
House Robbery - Iona Ave (Not in HGC Area but of interest due to MO)

Access from the river. Cut razor wire and climbed over the fence. Tried the sliding doors, then came round and waited at front door, having seen visitors’ cars in the driveway.  

Armed perpetrators overpowered owner and gained entrance. Three armed perpetrators in dark clothes, polite and chatty. The home was ransacked and safe was located. Residents and visitors told to be quiet and not look.   

Perpetrators wanted foreign currency, laptops, cell phones, jewellery, money. Inspected ‘valuable‘ goods like ornaments. Discarded what they did not want. Emptied one golf bag and one handbag to use as carriers for stolen goods. Took laptops, cell phones, hard drive, jewellery, watches, cash and the bags. 

Residents were tied up and locked in a bedroom, key in lock on other side was eventually pushed out and retrieved with a piece of paper. It is assumed that perpetrators left via the river and moved south.

14 September 2015
Attempted break-in - Stirling Avenue
It was reported that there was an attempted break-in in a complex in Stirling Road during the night. No other details available. 
15 September 2015
Break-in - Balmoral Avenue
Homeowner was away. House sitter/domestic became aware that a room without alarm sensors had been broken into but nothing was taken. Security door to the rest of the property was not breached and thus there is no clarity as to when the incident occurred but assumed that 15 September was approximate date. It is possible that access to property was gained via an adjoining property which is unoccupied, over perimeter walls that did not have deterrent.
9 September 2015
Armed Robbery - Balmoral Avenue
Resident awoke at night to the alarm activation. Perpetrators had broken into the house, activating the alarm but did not seem too concerned. Owner was threatened with firearm when the private Armed Response officer responded, rang the intercom, resident was threatened and told to say that everything was fine. Security officer FAILED to ask for the password, this being the only way that the Armed Response officer would know that anything was amiss ie. Resident should supply an incorrect password.
9 September 2015
House Break-in and theft - Waterfall Avenue
Home owner left her house at approximately 08h00 in the morning and upon returning found that her house was burgled by forcing open the front door - only jewellery of an undisclosed amount was found missing.
3 September 2015
Driveway Robbery - Waterfall Avenue
Victim arrived back from picking up grandson from school and was overpowered by two B/M with guns and stripped of her jewellery of an undisclosed amount. Perpetrators fled in a white panel van type vehicle.  
5 August 2015 - Arbroath Avenue
Driveway Robbery

Victim (female) was followed from Pick n Pay on William Nicol. Jewellery and personal items stolen from victim of undisclosed value.

In most cases our driveway robbery victims are females and they are targeted for their jewellery. In most of the cases victims are followed from shopping centres and restaurants and coffee venues.

If the vehicle involved - Blue Honda Jazz - reg YNJ 586 GP with 2 B/M occupants is spotted please phone the control room immediately to activate resources.

Please do not try and confront the occupants as they are dangerous and armed. 

30 July 2015 - Lovat Road
Home Robbery
Lovat Road Homeowner was followed home after dropping children at school at about 07h00. A white Toyota followed owner into property, directly behind through open driveway gates. Armed males overpowered the occupants of house and they were robbed of jewellery and various home contents.
They left, taking the car keys and gate remotes including a panic button which was activated by them while trying to open the gates. The car keys were thrown out onto a pavement where they were found and eventually returned to the owner albeit a long time later.
Nobody was injured physically.
17 July 2015 
Attempted HB & Theft - Waterfall Avenue.
Client informed the TAC officers that there was an attempted housebreaking on her premises thieves tried to gain entry by breaking open her pedestrian gate. The thieves were then disturbed and they fled in an unknown motor vehicle. No registration or colour and no description available of thieves so no case was opened.  
9 July 2015 
Home break-in and theft - Gleneagles Avenue.
Unknown individuals gained access to property while homeowners were away. No signs of forced entry but possible access by gate keypad. Ransacked house during electricity blackout, and left after considerable time, via the driveway gate and with the trailer of the homeowner and large amount of the home's content. The padlock on the Gleneagles closure had been forced open and perpetrators left via this avoiding the security cameras on Gleneagles guard house.


15 June 2015

House Robbery - Waterfall Ave Hurlingham

Victim arrived home from shopping at Builders Express on Jan Smuts Ave and was talking to his domestic worker and gardener, when he was attacked by three bravo males one wearing a balaclava. He was overpowered along with three of his domestic workers, by three armed men and taken inside the house; one of the domestic workers ran away and activated the panic alarm. Whilst this was happening, the attackers ransacked the house and took jewellery from the house as well as the male victim's jewellery. The attackers turned the victim's vehicle around and tried to escape. At this moment, Captain Mavundla confronted the fleeing car by shooting 9 rounds into the vehicle and then Officer Matshethe fired 15 rounds into the vehicle.  The vehicle sped off in the direction of Balmoral Street. Vehicle has fitted with a Netstar tracking system. Netstar were notified and vehicle was recovered in Melrose north.

Description of suspects - (3) Three . Victim, domestic workers and gardeners did not get a good look at the attackers.

10 June 2015
House Burglary (Forced Entry) - Waterfall Avenue 

Client woke up in the morning and discovered a break-in, access was gained by forcing the gate and sliding door open.  A lap top and some envelopes were stolen. SAPS Sector were called out.

21 May 2015

Hijacking - William Nicol (Not in HGC area but of interest due to MO)

Carjacking at Willian Nicol Total Garage, TIME 11H43. Complainant had parked at the garage when 2x BM came, one armed with firearm and ordered him to hand over the keys. He was forced into the car - a VW Caddy. He was driven to Hellena Str Parkmore where they took 10 boxes of cigarettes to value of R150 000, loaded them into a silver grey VW Jetta, Reg YDM 521 GP (registered as AUDI). Footage available from garages. Car also fitted with cameras. The keys were found thrown on the ground. Docket sent to Parkview SAPS.


23 May 2015 (around 6pm)

It is not often that we can thank driving into one's spouses car as a way to ward off potential hijackers, but in this instance, the crash and resulting pandemonium proved too much for the would be hijackers and they hightailed it out of the neighbourhood!

On Friday night (23 May 2015) in the darkness that is Hurlingham in late autumn near 6pm, one of our residents drove into his driveway, a long panhandle.  He pressed the remote to close his gate and, happily, out of habit, stopped 10m into his driveway waiting for the gate to close completely. In his review mirror a car appeared on the road behind him, without any lights on. When he noticed that the indicators were on to turn it alerted him to the fact that they had intent to come in to his driveway.

This suspicion was confirmed when a man exited the car and ran towards the gate which at this stage was about 2m ajar from closing completely and engaging the mag lock. He was armed and appeared to be hoping to catch the sensor beams to open the gate. The gate however is not fitted with a sensor and the gate continued to close.  At this stage the quick thinking resident sped down the rest of his driveway with his had firmly on the hooter, shouting to alert his family who pushed the panic button. The  intruders  had in the meantime pushed their car up against the gate to keep it open and to break the gate motor – which they successfully did, all the while with the armed man running down the driveway.

Simultaneously – the  neighbours hearing the hooter, and the shouting sounded their alarm. With all this going on and the resident's focus still on his review mirror and the armed intruder behind him, he proceeded to drive his car into his wife’s car creating even further commotion. The armed intruder, realising that all hell had been raised ran back up to the car holding the gate open and they left. 4 min later we were cast into darkness with load shedding.

We are grateful that this incident ended with no one being seriously injured. It shows the value of community and taking action when hearing or seeing anything unusual.

Please remember to remain vigilant- especially in the dark or if you notice vehicles lurking near your home and if you feel unsafe coming come, please remember to make use of the CSS Meet-and-Greet service. Simply call them (0861 911 119) before you arrive home so that you can escort you home.
2 February 2015 (Between 2/3pm)
Carlisle Avenue. Armed robbery on the premises.  Suspects entering the property through open gate.
15 January 2015 (between 2/3pm)
Carlisle Avenue. Follow home armed robbery with suspects entering the home.  Unfortunately shots were fired and the family dog was shot.  Various items were stolen.

14 January 2015 (approx 18h30)
Stafford Crescent. Armed robbery with suspects entering premises due to non functioning gate.  House was ransacked and unfortunately victims were tied up.  Neighbour alerted CSS.
14 November 2014 (between2/3pm)
Carlisle Avenue. Follow home armed driveway robbery.   Panic button activated by domestic worker inside the home.  Gate was lifted off  the railings by suspects to keep it open.
3 October 2014 (between 2/3 pm)
Stirling Road. Follow home armed driveway robbery.  Personal belongings stolen off victim in garage.  Gate jammed open by suspect’s vehicle which was a Mini Cooper.


8th of August 2014 (between 1/2pm)

St Andrews. Estate Agent imposter 

8th of August 2014

Waterfall Avenue. House robbery. Incident not reported directly to HGC.

6th of August 2014

Lovat Avenue (not the same home). Break in through a window but nothing taken.  Here the perpetrators used a ladder/ladders which they found on the property to attempt to enter through an upstairs window, but were disturbed by their dogs. We understand there is no electric fence and there was either NO alarm or it was not activated. PLEASE keep all ladders out of site and preferably locked away.

5th of August 2014

Balmoral Avenue. This incident was not reported to the HGC Committee but a neighbour informed us. We believe a laptop was taken.

1st of August 2014

Lovat Avenue. Break in. Window pane removed. The house alarm was activated and nothing was taken.

27th of June 2014

Around midday, residents was in driveway clearing her letterbox when she was accosted by 2 men on MOTOR BIKES.  The one stayed in the driveway and the other took her inside where he proceeded to rob her indoors.  I think they were armed.  The gate was left open and CSS truck noticed the open gate and stopped to investigate.  The chap in the driveway alerted the one inside who ran out.  They jumped on their motor bikes.  CSS gave chase.
Lesson to learn – be suspicious of motorbikes especially if they look like they are riding together.  Motorbikes are are undistinguishable, ie mostly black and shiny.  This compared to a car like green small toyota.  Number plates are small and its almost impossible to catch a motorbike by car (thats my opinion).  Culprits faces are covered by helmets. 
Be vigilant when clearing letterboxes, changing lightbulbs on pavement.  etc.  These have to be done but be VIGILANT. 


17th of May 2014

St Andrews Road, Saturday in broad daylight (+- 16h30). The residents were out. The point of entry was the sliding gate and - for the third time in the last 4 incidents - the gate was simply lifted off its rail.

The 'perps' then got in through the roof but the alarm had gone off and they fled having taken very little. The residents feels they may have been watched when they left their home.


6th of May 2014

HGC section of Waterfall Avenue  - at +- 18h15. The owner was waiting to enter her premises when a white Ford Fiesta with three men, stopped behind her. She was taken at gunpoint into the house and robbed of a firearm, cell phone and ipads. Thankfully, no injuries were sustained.


5th of May 2014

Arbroath avenue, attempted burglary in a unoccupied house


 25th of April 2014

Kildare Road, Hurlingham at around 15h00.  The Criminals gained entry to the property by de-railing the gate. The housekeeper and the owner were tied up and the electronic equipment was gathered up in anticipation of the pick-up vehicle arriving.

However, the pick up car sped away after being spotted and followed by our HGC Patrol vehicle. The criminals at the house were alerted to this and only managed to flee with what they could pocket.

Have you ensured your sliding gate CANNOT be lifted off the rails ?


9th of April

Break in (non Contact) at home in Balmoral and a Lap Top stolen


8th of April

Attempted cable theft at Maxwell Macdonald sub station, 3 people apprehended by CSS one suspect arrested and handed over to SAPS


20th of December 2013

In Balmoral a domestic worker who was in road, was forced to open the driveway gate at gun point.  The family was then held up.  There appeared to be some inside knowledge as to the workings of the household by the intruders.  So please be vigilant.

Further, there have recently been a few armed robbery incidents in neighbouring suburbs by the same gang. If you see 3 or more men in a luxury vehicle with tinted windows please report this to CSS or the police. DO NOT approach them, they are extremely dangerous. 


3rd of October 2013

There was an attempted robbery in Hurlingham.  The house had been on show recently, so it is possible that the perpetrators might have cased the home in the guise of being prospective buyers.  OR they may have been aware of the luxury vehicle which is driven by the owner. BUT the good news is - the property's beams were armed (at +- 8PM) and the baddies fled.

When looking at how they gained access to the property, the sliding gate had been lifted of its rails, despite there being a mechanism to prevent that. The owners have now re-enforced that security feature. The lesson here is clear. PLEASE keep your beams functioning and armed - and check your gate to see if it as secure as it might be.


7th of June 2013, 2pm

The alarm went off at a house in Maxwell McDonald Street. 

The alarm company - ADT - responded and they contacted the houseman in his external room. He said all was fine. However, when they checked the main house they found the owner and his fiancee tied up inside. They had been having a braai with friends who had just left. They were still busy outside when 2 armed men appeared, forced them inside and tied them up. They stole jewellery, cell phones, laptops etc and left. 

Only when the owner was able to activate the panic button was the armed response company alerted to the problem.

Apparently access was through a neighbour's wall which was broken at the bottom (the property is surrounded on all sides by an electric fence which was recently installed.)

The reason we are only sharing this now is that ADT has not been reporting their clients' incidents, to us - but we hope that this will now be resolved as the Committee has requested regular updates from ADT's Management. 

Access from the river. Cut razor wire and climbed over the fence.



Tried the sliding doors, then came round and waited at front door, having seen visitors’ cars in the driveway.


When the resident opened the security gate to let visitor out, he was jumped by one perpetrator and tried to fight him off. Saw that there were two more perpetrators and gave up.


Three armed perpetrators in dark clothes. One had brown trousers. One tall, older with deep lines on his cheeks, and two short. Well spoken. Spoke English. Clean shaven. They were quite polite and chatty. Did not want to hurt residents.  One said he was from Tembisa and was a Zulu.


The older man controlled the residents in the dining room and drew the curtains. They were made to sit on the floor, except the youngest woman who had a niggly baby. One man went through cupboards. The lady was taken to help find the safe by the other one. Residents and visitors told to be quiet and not look.


Perpetrators wanted foreign currency, laptops, cell phones, jewellry, money. Inspected ‘valuable‘ goods like ornaments. Discarded what they did not want. Emptied one golf bag and one handbag to use as carriers for stolen goods. Took laptops, 8 cell phones, hard drive, jewellry, watches, cash and the bags mentioned.


Asked lady to show them how to unlock the door leading to the river that they could not previously open.


Did not like the window in the bathroom where they were going to lock the residents. Took them instead to the bedroom and tied them up with neck ties, except the mother with the baby.  Left key on the outside which the resident managed to poke out and retrieve with a piece of paper to get help by telephone.



Assumed that perpetrators crossed the rive and went south due to the barking of the dogs.


The Trauma intervention lady was called from Randburg station and arrived and was extremely helpful. CSS and Randburg SAPS responded fantastically. SAPS follow-up 

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