May 2017

May was a busy month! Click below for quick links or read the full newsletter below.

Hurlingham Park revival - volunteers needed.
Litter clean up - the HGC employed a private contractor to clean up recycling mess along parts of Spruit. 
Speed bumps - sign a petition for speed bumps to keep Hurlingham walking-friendly.
Pavement specials - why creating a pathway for pedestrians on your verge is good for the neighbourhood.
Hurlingham in the Star's HOME supplement - your neighbourhood gets profiled.
Then there was light!  Our wish list gets ticked as the council installs street lights on St Andrews.
Security - May incident and please respond to survey.
Contribution increase - But only by R87 a month if you claim your tax back!
Councillor newsletters - Martin Williams describes how residents should respond to billing sabotage; David Potter deciphers what the first new budget under the DA-led administration means for you. 
Scouting about - join the nearby Cubs and Scout group.

MAY 2017

The winter chill is upon us and our neighbourhood is changing colour with the seasons.  We hope you're taking advantage of the cool weather by taking a walk around our beautiful suburb especially since the HGC area is one of the few places in our city that is really walking friendly.  Our wide avenues, relatively little traffic and proximity to the Spruit, make it popular for residents taking a stroll with their young children, walking their dogs, or burning off some calories.  Read this great profile on Hurlingham in the latest HOME supplement of the Star.
In the spirit of encouraging the use of our open spaces, we are establishing a Hurlingham Park working group who will focus their energies on converting this park into a desirable recreational space. We intend to engage with the City to allow the residents to adopt the Park.  Imagine a secure, beautiful green space where we all could walk, run, exercise, take our children to play and generally relax!  That’s what we are aiming for!  We are very privileged to have this opportunity on our doorstep and we will need to work with the City to make this dream a reality. If you are interested in volunteering for this exciting initiative please contact
This month, the HGC contracted a private refuse removal company to help clean up the litter left by the recyclers along the section of the Spruit near the Total garage before the fence was erected along William Nicol.  Although it took two days to clean up just 150m, this stretch of the river is looking better, with rubbish in the river and along the banks now removed. We intend employing the services of this contractor for a few days every month to try to keep on top of the litter situation along our greenbelt.
Unfortunately in recent weeks, there have been pets knocked over as people speed down some of our roads. The HGC invested in some speed cones which were placed at various points around the suburb in an effort to encourage motorists to slow down.  Unfortunately some of these have already been stolen.  We have requested Johannesburg Roads Agency to undertake an assessment for possible speed bumps on some of the busier stretches and the residents of Stirling avenue have initiated a petition that they plan to submit to the City in support of additional speed bumps. Please consider adding your signature to the petition and we urge you to be aware of walkers, animals and cyclists when traveling in our neighbourhood.
Although verges are technically not your property and are the responsibility of the City, the strip of land between your home's external wall and street is not only a reflection of your personal style but a well-cared for verge uplifts the general impression of the neighbourhood. It is worth remembering that walkers use  the verges to get out of the way of oncoming traffic and it would encourage people to enjoy the outdoors safely  were you to consider creating a pathway with paving stones, lawn or bricks.
There is good news on the wish list that we compiled from resident suggestions and sent through to ward councillor Martin Williams.  This month new street lights were installed on parts of St Andrews road - a boost for security and road safety. There is also a major road resurfacing project taking shape. Contractors are using the Eskom servitude along the Spruit to store materials for this makeover and we'll update you on which roads will be resurfaced when these details are available. Other projects we hope to get the City to take action on include repainting street name blocks and fixing damaged road signs.  
From a security perspective, May saw one follow home incident, luckily no one was harmed. Residents have reported thieves stealing fittings off boundary walls in broad daylight, so do be aware and keep your cameras trained and connected.  Report any incidents to
Our Security Reloaded team has begun reassessing the suburb's security in earnest and we urge all residents to respond to the survey that they will have received by now.
A gentle reminder that contribution fees have increased to R900/month after a number of years of no increases.  Remembering our s18A status, the net cost to a marginal taxpayer (assuming a 42% tax bracket) at this level is R 522 per month.  This equates to a net cost increase of R87 from the previous contribution amount.

We value your financial support – without which the HGC would not exist.  If you are willing, and able, to contribute to the higher amount we ask that you please effect the necessary EFT change to your baking profile.  We would also be happy to reduce your admin burden and process these payments as a Debit Order which would come off your account on around the 7th of each month. To do this, kindly complete the Direct Debit form and sent it back to us as soon as possible.   Please copy the instruction to  If, for whatever reason, you are not able to increase your monthly contribution, your continued financial support (and current contribution amount) is still very much appreciated – please don’t stop contributing!  In this case we would appreciate it if you could please e-mail, so that the lower amount can be ‘flagged’ which will assist us for future budgeting purposes.
Councillor Martin Williams explains why billing disruptions in the City have been caused by sabotage and what to do about late bills hereCouncillor David Potter explains what the new City budget means for you here.  
The 1st Parkmore Scout Group is looking for new members.  The group meets  at 81 Holt Street, Parkmore next to the Sandton Sports Club.  Progressive and stimulating weekly programmes based on themes that develop character, train children and young adults in citizenship and build a sense of responsibility and pride in themselves and their communities.  Participation in annual events such as hiking, camping, survival camps, raft and pioneering competitions.   Contact: Sean Hutchinson  082-998-6352. 
Thanks for caring about where we live.

Kind regards
The HGC Committee

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