February 2017

Thank you to so many of you attending this year's AGM. It is wonderful to see how many of you share our interest and enthusiasm for the neighbourhood! We unanimously passed all the resolutions necessary for us to maintain our PBO status and importantly our new Memorandum of Incorporation was approved. A copy is available on our website. Please note that it was also unanimously resolved to increase our voluntary contributions to R900 per month and you will receive statements reflected this new contribution figure.

For those of you who were not at the AGM you can access the presentation and more information here.
At the AGM we launched two important initiatives - the Security Reloaded Project and the Hurlingham Park Project. We are delighted by the number of volunteers who made themselves available to assist with these projects. By working together we can do so much more.

Security Reloaded Project
This is a three part project consisting of research; independent assessment; and implementation.

We have kicked off with the research phase where we will seek to establish what are current crime trends show; how we compare to our neighbouring suburbs and what we can learn from them; lessons from the HGC's past experience and determining our current security weaknesses - perceived and genuine.  

Do you have information that may help us?  For example, traffic surveys and road closure applications submitted previously? If so please send the information to security@hurlingham.org.za

Hurlingham Park Project
Working together with the City, the HGC hopes to establish a true community park with features such as a children's playground; benches; dog walking; environmental education aspects; and walking and running trails. Please let us know if you'd like to be involved in any way - big or small!

Read Councillor Martin William's latest newsletter here - The good news is that Johannesburg's adjustment budget has allowed for 1 500 new police officers and made more money available for fixing potholes. Pikitup got a boost too. Positively, Williams expects R2m to be allocated to building shelters for the homeless when the main budget is passed in May/June.  

On the subject of crime, there were two burglaries in Feburary where smalls such as laptops and tablets were stolen and one attempted armed robbery. Read more about the incidents here

Important Contacts

BEAGLE CONTROL ROOM: 011 678 1972 www.beaglewatch.co.za
HGC Committee: info@hurlingham.org.za security@hurlingham.org.za environment@hurlingham.org.za membership@hurlingham.org.za
Flying Squad: 10 111
Randburg SAPS vehicles: 071 675 7115 / 6
Ambulance: City: 011 375 5911
ER24: 084 124
Netcare 911: 082 911
Randburg Police: 011 449 9115 / 9110 / 9117 10111 for an emergency
Joburg Metro Police: ​011 375 5911
Joburg call centre: 0860-JOBURG
Includes City Parks and Pikitup
See Community Info --> Overview section for a full list of numbers
Water Issues: Joburg Water

011 375 5555
Electricity Issues: http://​www.citypower.co.za ​and click "Fault Reporting" or on mobile http://citypower.mobi
Road Issues: ​hotline@jra.org.za
Environmental Contraventions: 011 587 4232 1st point of contact for any issues arising from the Health Act (noise, restaurants, unsanitary backyards etc) abednigot@joburg.org.za
Pollution: 011 226 8328 WisemanN@joburg.org.za
Revenue Queries: ​011 375 5555
Traffic Signs and Markings: Jurie Swart JRA - Assistant Manager, Traffic Signs and Markings section for Region B jswart@jra.org.za
Region B Contacts and Information: http://hurlingham.alpha.structureit.net/media/48375/Region-B.pdf
Building regulations: 011 407 6111
Eskom: 086 003 7566